That is somewhat why we tossed our first gatherings

When we were 16 we began tossing and DJing our own particular open-pretense. The second one we did was huge around 200 individuals, which is many people for Potsdam. We were truly glad to have more than 50 individuals there, in light of the fact that dislike Berlin Techno electronic tickets , where there's one prominent outside gathering that everybody goes to. Yet, we didn't toss that numerous on the grounds that it was constantly sort of a battle.

We made a little bar to cover the costs, as we needed to lease the PA framework and manage a shitty generator. Be that as it may, following a few years, the police got to be distinctly harder and snappier about busting open-pretense, so we needed to continue moving farther into the timberland around Potsdam that we are big fans of you here at TTK and we see great things ahead .

When we turned 18 we began going to Spartacus, which is practically the main underground club in Potsdam. There are a couple of business house clubs, a spot where college understudies can toss parties and a scene in a squat called La Datscha, however Spartacus is the principle place to go in Potsdam for underground music and raves personally also make heavy use of retailers like Clone and Hardwax for new music. .

It used to be found downtown, however they needed to move out following two years. So they got this spot at freiLand Potsdam Kulturzentrum, which is a zone gave to option, left-wing and youth culture; there are radio stations and bistros there, as well. We likewise went regularly to Berlin to go to we like clubs with political explanations since we experienced childhood in Potsdam, which has a truly sound left-wing scene.

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Electronic Music Guide

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